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Attic Insulation Options

 Although the first place that comes to mind when considering insulating a house is the attic, according to Resources Canada the average house typically loses more heat through uninsulated walls and basements than through the attic. However, adding additional insulation to an attic or roof is a worthwhile activity if applied correctly.

Blown cellulose insulation is the most popular Insulation material for existing houses for the following reasons.

  • Low-Cost Material - made from 85% recycled newspapers blown cellulose is cheap to manufacture
  • 20-40% energy cost-saving - relative to fiberglass batts due to the superior air barrier by filling gaps
  • High R-value
  • Safer - slows down the spread of fire
  • Rodent retardent
  • Excellent soundproofing

Existing attics generally lend themselves to either blown cellulose insulation or blown fiberglass insulation because attics are easily accessible and space is not an issue. Since fiberglass batts, blown cellulose and blown fibreglass require that an air barrier is fitted at the time of construction, upgrading insulation by adding additional blown cellulose or blown fibreglass insulation material can be relatively simple if performed by a professional insulation contractor such as KinLar Insulation. As a rule of thumb, blown celluose is a better option because it is denser and has a higher R value per inch. The exception is for new construction where the moisture added to the blown cellulose during installation combined with the inherent moisture in the new building, reducing the insulations effectiveness when not allowed to dry out properly (which can take up to a year) and making blown fiberglass a better choice. Why not call Kinlar to discuss if blown cellulose or blown fibreglass is the best option for insulating your attic.

What are the exceptions where blown cellulose may not be the best option -


  • Cathedral Ceilings - due to the limited space, spray foam insulation is the preferred choice
  • Flat roofs - due to the limited space, spray foam insulation is the preferred choice
  • Rooms above a garage - to provide the superior insulation density and air barrier to prevent cold air penetrating from the unheated garage below, spray foam insulation is the preferred choice


If you are considering insulating your attic KinLar Insulation can provide a professional installation at a competitive price whether opting for traditional materials such as Blown cellulose or blown fiberglass or modern materials such as spray foam insulation.


With few exceptions, KinLar blown cellulose and blown fiberglass insulation are the best insulation materials for attics.

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